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TSWB-LYP50AHA 3V*4 pcs 12V Battery Pack

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Yellow Prismatic Rechargeable Cell for Solar PV,Marine,UPS, high Energy Replacement for Lead Acid/SLA

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About this item

4 pieces

  • Safe and Reliable: High level of safety,not easy to explode.Can withstand high current.
  • Large Capacity: High capacity range from 40Ah to 10000Ah for single cell,real capacity is higher than nominal.
  • Long life: Can be charge and discharge repeatedly over 7000 times at DOD 70%,life can reach up to more than 20 years.The most cost effective in all the lithium ion battery.
  • Green and Friendly:Manufacture,use,and recycle are all friendly to the environment.Water based binder replace PVDF.
  • Mature Technology: Automatic production procedure,in the line with IATF16949,and passed CE,CB test.Mature product verified by market more than 20 years.