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EZ-GO Car Golf Cart Battery 48v 100Ah | ePOWER4803E

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48v 100Ah LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery Pack for EZ-GO RXV

Golf Cart Battery Systems 48V - ePOWER4803E 

Golf car battery systems for EZ-GO and Club Car vehicles.

**  Made / Assembled / Tested  / Supported / Serviced in the UK and USA


** Vat included and FREE Shipping to Mainland UK and Ireland only  -

All other Countries - Please contact us for product prices and shipping costs

These systems are designed to be drop in replacement for lead acid batteries, and they are extremely easy to install.

The benefits of Lithium Ion battery systems include much shorter charging time and significant saving in electricity bill, no maintenance, longer lifetime, lighter weight, and etc. ePOWER4803C and ePOWER4803E are integrated golf car battery systems with a 48V 3KWh Lithium Ion battery pack.

The battery configuration is a 16s1p 100Ah pack.

It is typically programmed with 80%DOD, or 2.4KWh usable storage capacity. ePOWER4803E system fits in EZ-GO golf cars and ePOWER4803C fits in Club Car golf carts.

Battery management system, control circuits and battery charger are included in the system.

*  Includes Wifi App and Cloud Database
Along with Fleet Management feature

It is simple to install and use.

It includes an On/Off switch, a state-of-charge (SOC) gauge, a DC main power connector, an AC power input socket, as well as a video output port for diagnostics. 

video output port
An optional 7” LCD screen can be used for display and diagnostics purpose. Battery pack voltage, pack current, state-of-charge, individual battery cell voltage and temperature readings and alarm messages are displayed.

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