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Welcome to the EShop of Unimed Ltd (UK) (

ELERIX ESM-580T Solar panel, Full Black, TOPCon N type, Mono, Half Cut, 580Wp, 144 cells, Pallet 31 pcs

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ELERIX ESM-580T (pallet 31 pcs)

Solar panel, Full Black, TOPCon N type, Mono, Half Cut, 580 Wp, 144 cells
High efficient (22,46 %) monocrystalline half-cut solar panel with max. output power 580 Wp. These modules are made from high quality 144 cells. Durable aluminium frame and tempered glass layer (3,2 mm) gives high mechanical performance.

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  • Strong Mechancial Strength - Passes the wind load test of 2400Mpa and the snow load test of 5400Mpa.
  • PID resistance - The attenuation probability of PID phenomenon is minimized through solar cell production technology optimization and robust raw material quality control.
  • Multiple busbar and Half cell technique - More light utilization and current collection capabilities, effectively improving product power output and reliability.
  • Lower attenuation - N-type, good reliability and lower LID/LETID attenuation rate.
  • Harsh environmental adaptation - Robust design for demanding climate conditions.

This bundle contains:

This solar panel is in the product list of the New Green Savings Program - Czech Republic (code: SVT35338).


Panel type: monocrystalline
Cells: 144
Max. power (Pmax): 580 W
Rated voltage (Vmp): 42,19 V
Rated current (Imp): 13,75 A
Dimensions: 2279 × 1134 × 35 mm
Weight: 28 kg
Color: black & black frame