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Welcome to the EShop of Unimed Ltd (UK) (

BMS System

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Battery Management Systems (BMS) are the brains of Lithium Ion battery packs. Our patented BMS systems manage charging, discharging and output controls, as well as provide statuses of Lithium Ion battery packs and all individual battery cells.  They also provide critical safeguards to protect Lithium Ion batteries from failures and damages.

The Gen 2 BMS system is certified as UL Recognized component per UL 2580 standard for EV battery pack.

Our Gen 3 BMS systems add to the functionality of the Gen 2 systems by offering support for latching relays and contactor verification, extending run time and enhancing operational safety. The Gen 3 BMS also reduces cost for system integrators by eliminating the need for a separate sense board on each cell.

Our initial Gen 3 offering, the EMS3A, has been certified as a UL Listed Component to both UL1973 and UL2580. The follow-on EMS3B BMS is currently undergoing the same rigorous test process.


EMS3B = 24/36/48V SYSTEMS

The functions of our patented BMS system includes voltage and temperature monitoring of individual cells, pack current measurement, state of charge (SOC) calculation, alarm interlocks to prevent over-charging and over-discharging, over and under-temperature controls, over-current protection, cell balancing, ground fault detection, CANbus and MODbus communication for data integration.  Our Gen 2 BMS system (EMS2) adds WiFi connectivity, smartphone apps, as well as remote data access through a cloud database.